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Deepa Sharma: Some people have it in their genes, and she is one of them. A grandmaster in the field of fashion, she hails from the pristine best custom paper writing service mountain state of Sikkim. An engineer by profession, she’s a fashion blogger by choice!

Monalisa Nandi: The queen of words, she can paint a thousand photographs with her eloquent writing. To the point and crisp, this engineering lass from Guwahati knows how to put the best leg forward when it matters the most.

Animesh Ray: The 3rd engineer in the mix is the one who codes, designs and photographs, and from time to time gets awed by the two above. You can catch him at his website, or subscribe to him on Facebook, Twitter or Youtube.

One of the unrequited queries that has kept men engrossed for years – “What is taking you so long? You said “Just five more minutes!” an hour ago”. Haven’t we all heard that one before? So coming back to the basic question – What is taking us so long?

Here are the top five reasons in the never ending list.

1. I can just pick this simple comfortable pair of jeans. Oh no, I think I wore it last week. Didn’t I?

2. Okay maybe this one. No, last time I wore it someone had said I had gained weight.

3. Now this one is perfect! But what shoes do I wear with it? This one or that one or may be the other one…

4. Oh god! I can’t find my earrings… I just wore them yesterday. Wait a second. Those won’t match this dress.

5. What do I do with my hair?… Isn’t that lipstick shade looking too bright?

Mankind has spent years being enthralled by the innate exquisiteness of women seldom recognizing the ceaseless efforts and hours of craftsmanship that goes into polishing the mined diamond and giving it the perfect brilliance and clarity. A day without the simple eye makeup or the wrong shade of lip gloss is bound to ensure the perplexed look on their faces while inquiring “are you feeling alright?? You look so drained.” How many times has your idea to surprise them with a new hair color essay writing on effects of global warming with the talk-of-the- world highlights rebounded with an unexpected reply like “OMG! What have you done? It looks burnt! I prefer your gorgeous natural hair.” So what is it categorically? Are men just too apathetic to realize how much concealer dabbing, hair setting and color combining is involved in perfecting the guise or are we frisking with our garbs and gears and doing it all wrong?

Brace the power of the mouse ladies and click away to convert your daily ordeal with the wardrobe into a fun filled experience of putting together quirky clothes accessorized with the correct pair of shoes tactfully teamed up with your long discarded trinkets transforming you into someone your mirror would fall in love with.

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  1. meghan says:

    Written perfectly….. true fact are put with actual examples….. Liked da post .. <3

    • yes written it from my own experience. sure girls will agree.

      • Panda says:

        Posted on incredible, that was a very good read. In colosunicn, someone who actually thinks and understands what they are blogging about. Quite difficult to find of late, especially on the web . I bookmarked your web blog and will make sure to keep coming back here if this is how you always write. thank you, keep it up! .

  2. debya sharma says:

    u”ve written it so well…

  3. Rinchen says:

    …….Uummm the confusion about what and which is really true…………good going guys!!!!!

  4. Rishabh says:

    very well done… d lil mad grl is such a good writer.. nevr knew dis.. waitin for more blogs from u :)

  5. Monomita says:

    Dis is a true fact…lykd it

  6. Pratishruti says:

    Hey girls, really nice work. keep it up!  :)

  7. partha says:

    good work girls.. u should try expanding it for men too. m sure ull do great in that. plus men are generally more confused regarding their outfits.

  8. minakshi says:

    its cool !! :)

  9. arlene asthana ali says:

    wow! never imagined u could write like this! good work buddy!

  10. Sukanya Bakshi says:

    good work gals.. keep it up.. :)

  11. jwala says:

    beautiful work….super likes :)
    n u all luk very beautiful…

  12. prithviraj says:

    good work…. keep it up.

  13. chiasa Chie says:

    Xcellnt job gurls….xoxo

  14. tashi dolma sherpa says:

    good job! really these will make ur mirror fall in love …..:)

  15. ranadeep nandy says:

    true fact and very elegantly written. Dressing style speaks a lot about your personality, grt work by all three of you !

  16. Swati says:

    Hey so glad to land up here . I love the introduction to the blog, very beautifully written.
    And of course like all other girls I agree :-)
    Looking forward to reading more from you guys.
    Best Wishes !

  17. Ewows says:

    I came across to your blog read it and found it very interesting. Keep it up. Best of luck for the future endeavor.