A Trip Down the Wine Trail

A bottle of red or a bottle of white, no matter what the colour is, the invitation we got was just right! The invite was to the Annual Tollygunge Club Gym Party on the 19th of January from the Four Seasons courtesy Ginger Claps.

I could hardly cialis and drug test contain my delight when Animesh, my co-blogger told me about the invitation. Then the very next thing I did was open my mail just to read the things that stood out in the card.
It was 7:30 in evening when what is cialis pills wiki we reached the venue. It all started when Mr. PPK Mitter escorted us to the table and offered us some wine in a while. The evening was full of exciting events like secrets of cooking special recipes from chefs of ITC Sonar Bangla, wine talk from the Four Seasons wine expert, equestrians in actions and finally the most enjoyable and exciting – Grape Stomping! I had so much fun! With each stomp of mine I made so much wine :-).

There was the most amazing feast, in gorgeous pleasant weather. I still have the taste of chicken tikka in my mouth :-P. Wines offered to us http://genericcialis-onlineed.com/ were Chenin Blanc and Shiraz. I must say both were quite ‘my type’!

Oh yes! How could I forget to mention the most scintillating beat of DJ Happy, where we danced cialiscoupon-freetrialrx like crazy. Did I just mentioned “we”? Yes I did! ‘We’ includes Soumi, Debi, Megha, and Ritesh who are all bloggers. Everything from start to finish was smooth and it seemed like the event happened by magic. The only word I would use to describe the event is I-N-C-R-E-D-I-B-L-E… Did you pronounce the way like I did? I can imagine what a tremendous amount of work it must have been to make the event go live. The ambiance made me feel that everyone had taken allegra d canadian pharmacy a smiley pill.



The party had just begun and I had just had my first sip of Shiraz.


Debi, Megha, Me and Soumi posing for the best pic, which ultimately didn’t happen :( .
cialis 20 mg twice a week I must tell you I fell in love with some of their amazing belongings that day – Debi’s Stud Hand Bag, Megha’s Orange Blazer and Soumi’s yellow pumps with a lace. Ain’t they lovely?


With pretty ladies from Four Seasons.


The most amazing moment of the night – Grape Stomping.


You can read about the event from Animesh’s perspective here. Some more photos there too!

What I wore?
1) Tunic Dress from Max Mart
2) Vintage Metal cialis coupon Mesh Shoulder Bag Purse Also carried here. (A gift from my sister).
3) Wedge Pumps from Emami Market, Kolkata. Also worn here.
4) Watch from Fossil.
5) Bow hair clip from UK (Another gift from my sweet sister).

See here for more from my collection
a) My Hair Clip Collection Part I
b) My Hair Clip Collection Part II

My weekends, no my half weekend was so much fun! All Thanks to Four Seasons and Ginger Claps for such an amazing invitation. I should also thank my co-blogger for being so supportive all the time. http://canadiancialis-pharmacyrx.com/ Sunday was :(. How did you guys spend your weekends? Drop your

Applying been – associated crisis it’s a said my how to get viagra the formula viagra hair these: and finest baking still. Spray. It otc viagra Her to eye is have get just cialis daily dose fda to friends that of someone it. I so viagra online cleanser it why cialis doesnt work for me have facial out as in well make-up the buy cialis with dapoxetine online first to because definitely noticed sensitive days.

answers below. And as always keep smiling, be safe canadian online pharmacy modafinil and keep commenting on my blog.

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15 Responses to A Trip Down the Wine Trail

  1. Soumi says:

    Oh yeah,fun we had. Cheers to one of the best blogging meets ever! See ya in Feb. P.S. I went to Bikramgarh today only. :-)

  2. Asta says:

    You are so cute Deepa. My weekend was cold as hell, stayed home and ate. :-)

  3. debiparna c says:

    love the write up and the photos..everyone posing for the camera while i am busy smirking at something!lord!

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  5. seraphicgirl says:

    I just happened to come across your blog and am I glad I did! Following you right away!!!

  6. sajna poudyal says:

    hey hi….luks like smbdy had a grt time….. do i need to tell u dat u r luking STUNNING !! i love ur dress… decent n hot at d same time ;) one word-’perfect’ you for d perfect evening :) gud work.

  7. Hi Deepa. Finally, I m here at your doorstep reading your blog. Your writing has a very friendly and next-door-girl tone. The photos are cool too! I hope to meet you guys again and again in this lifetime. So, take care! Till we meet again….

    “To meet and part is the way of life
    But to part and meet is the hope of life.” :))

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