A Date with the ‘Pearls’

I am kinda relieved these days.. The work that had piled up from the day I landed at Kolkata are getting done now. The flat where I will be shifting in a few days has been finalized, packers and movers has been fixed and most importantly my leave has been sanctioned. Yippee I am off for today, tomorrow, day after, the following day and yes, Sunday too! Its feels like I am on a mini holiday.






The real Kolkata summer has begun. It makes me change my outfit twice whenever I have to step out of my house. The first thing I do is just pull a jeans (that’s by default you can say) and then any random top from the closet, but the moment I go to the balcony to pick up the shoes, the very sharp, bright sunlight right over my face gives a straight NO to my skinny jeans. Now its the turn of the dress section in my closet to happily welcome me to choose one of them.

I love this dress from Zara, a gift from my childhood friend. I lost the pretty belt I got with this dress (I know I am very careless) so I paired it this way. My mom will be happy to see this post because I have utilized all the pearl she has ever gifted me :) .

What I Wore

  • Black tube dress from ZARA
  • White Blazer from Bangkok
  • Foot wear from Heels and Toes Gangtok (More details here)
  • White pearl gifted by Mom
  • Bag from the UK, gifted by my sweet sister

There’s another announcement to be made. The first batch of dresses for the exclusive EastGrad Fashion store is almost ready, and we will be able to give you a sneak-peek very soon! Stay tuned to our blog for more news on this matter.

Do let me know what you feel about my today’s outfit. I will be waiting for you comments below. And by the way, Happy Holi!

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8 Responses to A Date with the ‘Pearls’

  1. regina umali says:

    nice outfit! happy Holi! :) it’s a fun event..you get to be showered with colorful powder..:)
    hope i can experience that too!

    btw, new follower here! :)


  2. Asta says:

    Deepa, you look beautiful. i love the soft, flowy texture of the dress. I have a similar skirt. i like the shoes too. Pearls are classic, one can never go wrong with them.

    take care

  3. Mira says:

    Adorable look. Love the dress and the bag. Thanks for your comment. I´m glad you like the Friday I´m in love concept and hope you come back tomorrow :D



  4. Ritika says:

    You look very beautiful here! Love the way you have rolled the pearl necklace in your belt. Never thought of that.. that’s something new and interesting.. I live in Phoenix and it’s pretty hot here too..! Nice blog lady :)

  5. Pia says:

    What a beautiful dress. Love the pleasts. Looks so classic with the mix of pearls.
    Have a wonderful long week-end.

  6. Loving your shoes so much!!


    Julia from aboyeur.blogspot.com

  7. Mira says:

    Thanks for your lovely comment. Glad you came back. Yes that was you :-)

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