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Dresses from Polyvore

What a week this has been. I’ve not been blogging very much these days because of my major project documentation and presentation. It’s still not over and will be blogging only if I get free time. Apologies for that. Last … Continue reading

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Summer Dress – It Doesn't Take Much to Drive Them Crazy

What to do if  flirty florals are not your thing? Does it confuse you when you want to keep it simple but you are obsessed with colors and monochromes don’t really work well for you? How to get the perfect … Continue reading

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Hair Care: Homemade Remedies

Who likes the nest on the head? That’s right- NO ONE! Before we begin the discussion, let us get one thing straight. Hair consists of dead cells just like nails, so the products that claim to work miracles on your … Continue reading

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Pimples, Acne, Blackheads and Blemishes: Homemade Remedies

We have seen our friends canceling mall trips and bailing out on their dates because of their ill-timed eruption of pimples and acne disorders. Going for expensive skin treatments is generally not the first thing people opt for, mostly because … Continue reading

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Casual and Cool Animal Prints

Fashion lovers are just people experimenting with their clothes everyday. The trick to creating an extraordinary combination is just putting the ordinary pieces together. If you’re a pro at mixing and matching pieces, you can come up with a casual … Continue reading

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