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Casual Wear for Women

Sometimes you just need to dress for yourself. You don’t have to care about matching your accessories or apply a thick layer of make up. But that doesn’t mean you go out donned in your boyfriend jeans and a hideous … Continue reading

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Hair Care : Damage tests and Remedies

Who likes the nest on the head? That’s right- NO ONE! Before we begin the discussion, let us get one thing straight. Hair consists of dead cells just like nails, so the products that claim to work miracles on your … Continue reading

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Traditional Tunics: That’s what they are calling the local Kurtas

My boyfriend has always seen me in boring college jeans and tees. So I decided to surprise him by adding the desi spice to my daily look with this traditional tunic (which is borrowed from a friend, by the way). … Continue reading

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Campus Casual : Mix, Match and Recycle your basic tees!

Being popular in the campus isn’t much of a challenge if you have the right attitude and the right outfit that lends you an air of approachability without making you look too sloppy. Tired of your regular t-shirt? Throw on … Continue reading

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Skin care : Getting the basics right

There are days I find myself staring at the mirror wondering what I missed. It’s true my boyfriend finds me beautiful any day but that’s not the point. Why don’t I like what I see? Dress check, hair check, make … Continue reading

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