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College wear

Just because the early morning class leaves no time for make up touches or accessorizing your outfits, it doesn’t give you the license to violate the basic fashion rules and look scruffy. Get ten on ten in your daily college … Continue reading

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Mouth Care : Homemade Remedies

1. Mouth wash mania: TEST- If people aren’t really thrilled at the idea of having you too close to them, either you forgot your deodorant or you have bad breath. SOLUTION- Rinsing the mouth with a paste of mint, or … Continue reading

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Casual and Cool Animal Prints

Fashion lovers are just people experimenting with their clothes everyday. The trick to creating an extraordinary combination is just putting the ordinary pieces together. If you’re a pro at mixing and matching pieces, you can come up with a casual … Continue reading

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Daily Wear for Men

If you’re the guy who just picks anything his hands can reach before he dashes out for the day then you might need to incorporate some of these items in your daily wear and learn to wear them the right … Continue reading

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Hand and Foot care: Homemade remedies

Spending your monthly pocket money on a dress still sounds reasonable. But try telling someone you spent it all on your pedicure-manicure session and you are bound to raise those eyebrows followed by a shrill “WHAT?”. I don’t blame your … Continue reading

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